Why Janam

Janam Diamonds enjoys a special reputation in the global diamond industry. With a highly evolved skill for meticulous , customer-specific customization the company has built a prestigious clientele in India and around the world. Janam sustains a long term , easy access, and mutually rewarding relationship with its clientele.


At Janam Diamonds we understand every diamond is unique,and truly one of a kind creation. It takes the astute eye and dextrous hand of a highly trained crafts person to analyze each diamond’s inherent characteristics, and determine how it should be cut.

We Know it is a skilled hand that unravels the eternal grace latent in every rough stone and it is only through this hard-gained expertise that the Diamond realizes its maximum potential.

We believe that modern technology essentially complements human craftsmanship, but it is only the touch and vision of mortal humans that ultimately brings out the immortal brilliance of the diamond.

Customer Satisfaction

Janam diamonds work hard to produce and market the best array of diamonds,backed by globally competitive pricing.We practise absolute professionalism and enterprise efficiency to offer our customers efficacious and heart-warming business experience each time.

We maintain core corporate values of excellence,integrity,commitment and client satisfaction across the chain from , rough to retailed diamonds.

We at Janam diamonds put our heart and soul to bring out a truly exclusive product range for our customers.

In-House Manufacturing

Rough Diamonds are exclusively cut and manufactured in Janam diamond’s own factory in a two month long,meticulous process.Quality control processes override every stage of production, further empowered with an ERP system that spans from manufacturing to sales. Janam diamond’s factory is a six storey central manufacturing unit in Surat (India). Our manufacturing team consists of a 250 strong army of highly trained, superbly skilled craftsmen. Our craftsmen backed by optimal tools and equipment are trained to produce consistently high quality goods from cut to polish. We use advanced planning techniques such as galaxy planning to increase yield make ratios. The process of manufacturing we follow:

  • MAPPING - Mapping the diamond’s true character
  • PLANNING - Planning the Perfect Cut
  • SAWING - Sawing with Exquisite skill & precision
  • SHAPING - Create girdle and smoothen the shape of the stone
  • POLISHING - Polishing reveals the ultimate beauty of diamonds
Dedicated Business Model for Ethical Sourcing

Behind the superior quality of Janam diamond’s products is a comprehensive quality management system, which begins with sourcing of rough diamonds from some of the worlds best resource centers.Eighty percent of which comes from Kimberly Process complaint Mines.

Unique Grading Process

In Janam Diamonds we follow a uniquely stringent, self devised 18 step clarity grading methodology, polished diamonds are then divided into 27 sizes, which again are segregated again into 6 categories as per colour, further categorized into 18 clarities and then finally separated into 3 cuts. This grading system ensures an accurate assortment of each diamond parcel and produces a lot of parcel categories to choose from - representing widest product array of its kind.